My first Wealth post as I am coming down from a most emotional high. Wealth is one of those things where we all think about finance. In my opinion its more than finance its the healthy balance in which you can create great financial situations. Personally I'm both good and bad at finance. I'm good when I can complete a finance goal and I'm bad when I fall short of the goals I set. 
This years goals have been to stay ahead of my commitments and put financial situations into action. I have always been a buy it person. If I own it more than likely its mine. I saw my grandmother operate this way and this is what I have accustom myself to doing. So it would be I have no credit outside of my student loans and a car payment. This has prompted me to establish credit increasing my credit worthiness. Next year I would like to purchase a house. I have some business idea goals that I am working on. Most currently NBA Allstar weekend. I have been planning this for years and now its here full throttle. Like anything else we do it is met with a little hardship. Resources are not easy to find. Nor is money and customer bases. Im enlisting on mutiple people to help carry this huge event out. Which brings me to the inspiration of this post. 
I was on a prayer call this morning and the pastor spoke a prophetic word over my life. A prayer call that I am one of thousands who listen. Im not active where I comment Im usually listening on the way to work every week. I have met him at a event years ago and I have visited his church. However, he doesn't know me by name. But GOD knows me by name and his favor is over my life at all times. One thing about me is he has blessed me with vision from start to finish on how to create just about anything I think. I have spoke so many things into existence in my life. I don't give up on them. I birth ideas.  This is my wealth living! 

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